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26-203 Leveen Needle Electrodes

Price: $2,978.50
Model : 26-203

Leveen Needle Electrode 3.5cm; Length 15 cm. Price of each.
The Choice for Open, Laparoscopic or Percutaneous Radiofrequency Ablation. 5cm array is designed to create larger thermal lesions and reduce the need for overlapping ablations, potentially decreasing the overall risk of local tumor recurrence. Expanded portfolio of array diameters – from 2cm to 5cm – enhances ability to treat lesions of variable dimensions. Sharp, polished array tips facilitate tissue penetration. Umbrella-shaped array design promotes stable, accurate deployment. 1cm tine spacing is designed to help create a complete, predictable, spherical thermal lesion. Continuous impedance feedback facilitates accurate assessment of complete thermal lesion formation.

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